Humidifiers and Tubing

CPAP humidifiers and CPAP tubing are essential accessorites to the CPAP machine that get little recognition, but are more important than most people realize.


CPAP humidifiers help regulate the moisture content of the air coming from the air flow generator of the CPAP machine. Users can change the temperature setting on the humidifier and choose how much moisture is in their air according to their own comfort level.

Sometimes CPAP users may experience dry or congested nasal passage and throat. Properly adjusting the setting of the humidifier and increasing the air moisture helps eliminate these symptoms. Having adequate humidification with CPAP therapy is also essential for people who have problems with allergies or are on medications that may have dryness as a known side-effect.

Humidifiers are becoming more and more advanced. Some are now able to automatically adjust the moisture in the air in relation to changes in room temperature that can minimize condensation in the tubing. Some humidifiers are also assisted by heated tubing


CPAP tubing carries the air from the air flow generator and humidifier to your CPAP mask or CPAP nasal pillow. To maintain your successful CPAP therapy, the tubes should be cleaned and inspected every week. The best way to clean your tube is to detach it daily and let it hang to dry. This will prevent mold-causing bacteria from growing. If there is any damage such as tears, cracks or mold, it should be replaced immediately. Standard tubes are approximately 6 feet long to give you ample reach from your bed to your CPAP machine. Most tubing are interchangeable and a standard CPAP tube will fit on most machines; however, some machines may require a proprietary type of tube or adaptors to their tubing to be able to fit the CPAP machine. Auto CPAP machines and BiPAP machines may require a special sensor to detect breathing patterns and determine air pressure requirements. As a result, the length of tubing recommended by the manufacturer is important to ensure effective therapy and function of the CPAP